Monday, February 1, 2010

Flavours ― and winner!

Thanks for all the entries into the give-away. It was enlightening. It seems like coffee was the run away winner of that one! Maybe it has to do with the slight bitterness of coffee together with the sweetness of cake.

By the way, I drink water with cake and Alex likes black coffee, no sugar!

So we had lots of comments on both sides again but the winner of the heart shaped baking tin 14!

Congratulations Kiki! The tin will be in the post on Monday morning.

On Tuesday I made another cake.

It's a recipe I've been meaning to try for a while and since it had enormous quantities of chocolate, butter and cream, it needed a special occasion!

Thanks again to everyone who entered. There will be another give-away coming up soon. Don't forget to answer the question in your comments in order to be entered into the give-away :)



  1. Congrats to the winner. Tzatziki and feta, eh. Feta would be a great choice in a savory cupcake with cream cheese frosting but tzatziki, I think I'll pass :)

  2. Liz,

    Would you mind contact me at



  3. My contact email is liz[at]cupcakes[dot]gr