Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gadgets and gifts

Most of my friends and family know that if they are looking for a gift for me they just need to bring me something related to baking cakes, cooking in general, eating or reading about any of the above!

Some of the very thoughtful gifts I've received in the recent past are these from our Danish visitors (hi, J&L!):

They are super cool storage bags. The scandinavians know all about cool design. You can't deny that. The bags can be reversed.

And look at the large one...

It has little magnets inside so you can keep your lovely homemade bread rolls warm in the morning.

I LOVE them!!

They are made by Stelton. When you look at their products page you start forming a list of things you 'need'.

Next up are the gifts that travelled across the ocean... I have to admit here that I did actually drop a rather large hint for these things... actually I outright asked for some of them... but the others were a lovely surprise.

Look at these lovelies!!! I have several baking books which have American recipes in. The measurements are in cups and not metric. It is not impossible to convert, of course, but it is much simpler just to get out these lovely things and use them!!! I've already used them several times.

These measuring spoons are great. They are robust and they have little magnets in the tip so that you can keep them stored together easily.

These cookie cutters are going to come in handy! Heart shapes and snowflake shapes. I'm going to have a lot of fun with these!

Thanks again all concerned. You know how much I love these things!

Now... I love receiving gifts but I enjoy giving them too. I've decided to give a gift. I popped down to Cookshop and found these:

How cute are these? Wondering what they are?

Having a drinks party? Your guests won't have trouble remembering which glass is theirs with these little cuties! They are little characters which stick to the outside of the glass. They even have names. There's 'sneaky', 'cuddly' and 'mysterious', to name a few!

So, if you want to be the one to receive the gift leave a comment below telling me which ingredient you would most like to see in a cupcake. You can leave your comment on either side of the blog, English or Greek but only once please. Make sure I have a way of contacting you. You have until Sunday (31st) evening to leave your comment and I'll pick a winner on Monday morning.

Give-aways will be a regular feature of the blog from now on, so be sure not to miss a post by following the blog or following us on twitter where we we'll keep you posted with new blog posts and give-aways.



  1. Love kitchen gadgets! I'm just like you, I'm happy with any kitchen related gift.

    One ingredient I'd love to see in a cupcake has to be chocolate. Simply Chocolate. I love cupcakes but when they're chocolaty I can't resist!

    Have a great night.
    (yes, I'm finally, finally going to sleep!)

  2. I mean make them chocolaty...
    ! silly me !

  3. Lots and lots of vanilla, fresh vanilla beans, yum yum...ciao

  4. everyone loves receiving gifts - i'm looking forward to monday!

  5. I had thought about wanting to see a savoury type of cupcakes, say courgettes and herbs with savoury cream cheese toppings, but not sure if that would work. I would however,like to see cupcakes that are less sweet with more natural flavours other than plain sponge and a Butter Cream Topping. Why not have the topping reflect the sponge mixture eg. Apple Fillings with Apple puree and cream/cheese toppings. Strawberry sponge with Strawberry Toppings. Perhaps showing the fruit seasons with it's toppings. Hope this helps. Good Luck with your new venture.

  6. Ginger; I love the spicy flavour of ginger in cakes.

  7. for me it would be anything with caramel and chocolate, simply divine!
    Other options bannoffe pie, rum and raison, lemon coconut, gooey choc marshmallow - hmmmm

  8. Hey Liz, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    It's very nice to find your blog also!

    Nafplio huh? I'm jealous. I LOVE Nafplio, it's such a wonderful place.

    Your new gadgets look fantastic. I'm a sucker for these things too.

    My favorite cupcake ingredient would definitely be chocolate. Dark chocolate to be exact. Who doesn't love chocolate?


  9. Who wouldn't love to have these gadgets? How about a great flavoured cupcake with mastiha?

  10. paprika, cayenne pepper or chili with ricotta

  11. I'm not in it to win anything. But there are people in the world who cannot have chocolate no matter if they love it or not. I'll happily take lemon, vanilla, cherry, many other flavors in this big, bad world.

    I'm sorry I don't have you added on Twitter to allow DM between us. I use the LivinginGreece feed for non-personal reasons to disseminate news, tips, etc. The majority of my followers and readers tune in for helpful info, not to hear me banter; and I prefer to keep my private life just that. I hope you understand.