Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starting a business...

I thought I'd better do a little update about how things are coming along. Starting a business is a time-consuming and frustrating thing. It's not like I didn't know this when we began; some days, however, you do wonder if you are ever going to manage to get things going.

For example, to qualify for A you need to have B and in order to get B you have to have A. You see where I am going with this.

As well as gathering even more information about everything from recipes to suppliers, we are sorting through all the requirements needed with regard to health, hygiene, planning authorities, tax authorities etc etc. It's a long and arduous process.

We have more firm ideas about where in the town we would like our location to be, but we will have to see if there is anything available where we want when we are ready to start renting.

I sometimes feel it looks as though we aren't doing anything but, behind the scenes, there is a lot going on. I really hope that soon I will be updating with information about signed leases and renovation and shopping for equipment! At least I have some idea of where to get it all now!

When I get tired, I go and bake or make jam or generally do things in the kitchen.

This week my parents are making a short visit, so I expect I'll be making an apple pie somewhere along the way! I'm also attending another food industry Expo on Friday. The more information I can gather the better.

Have you ever been out and thought "Oh look, there's a new shop, when did that open?" I think that we are going to be one of them!



  1. Congratulations on starting your business Liz!
    I'm sure it is tough and stressful. It will all pay off in the end though. Hang in there and keep those cupcakes coming! :)


  2. the problems you have mentioned are the main reasons why i never wanted to start a business of my own!

  3. I know it has to be exhausting. My husband has been trying to start his business since we moved here. It will definitely pay off. Never look back~~ only forward :)
    Have a great week!

  4. Good morning Liz! I have an award for you because you always brighten my day...Happy 101 Award