Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photos (for those with a sense of Moo-mour)

A few months ago back when we were still looking for a new place to live in Nafplio we made several day trips, and once or twice stayed over for a couple of nights.

On one such occasion we came across this on the road from Corinth to Nafplio.

In case you can't quite make it in the photo, here's a close-up:

The kids were highly aMOOsed. As were we, so much so that we slowed down for the cow-car to overtake us again and for Alex to take the photo.

Then, and I kid you not, after overtaking the pick up once again, a few hundred meters ahead, we came across this car!

Once again, just in case you missed it, here's a close-up:

Which we found even more aMOOsing. So much so that we slowed down again to be overtaken once more and take its photo.

Ok. Enough of the ridiculous MOO jokes. Some might say 'Only in Greece' and I admit I was rather tempted to title the post that, but then I am sure that if I did, people would tell me they had seen something similar elsewhere!


  1. How hysterical! What are the chances? I mean really, what are the chances?!!!
    It's awesome that you had your camera ready!!
    Very funny and I'm sure the kids just loved it!

  2. It's true: sometimes I think I attached to my camera at the hip! I almost go to bed with it!