Sunday, July 12, 2009

We found a house

First of all I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been posting very positive and encouraging comments about our plans. It keeps us inspired and motivates us!

The search is over and I am very relieved! Alex went down to Nafplio on Wednesday and signed the rental for the house we looked at last week.

It's a new build (with a few finishing off jobs left to do on the interior). It is about 5km from the centre of town, in a quiet country lane and the front verandah overlooks an orange grove. There is only a little bit of garden around it but I am happy that I will be able to do something with it. For the kids it will be great to go out and play, even if they haven't got acres and acres to run around.

The apartment we have been living in is a lovely apartment but it just doesn't suit our needs anymore. It's really perfect for a couple. Once children and the volume of things they acquire are added to the equation, well, it just doesn't work out anymore. For quite some time now, we have lost total control of the situation. Things have begun piling up in the hallways, living areas, in fact in every square meter of real estate! The result is that it is now impossible to have a tidy living area. All rooms merge into one.

The new place should help solve things. Hopefully all things will have their place and we should be able to keep it moderately tidy.

So now I really have to get going on the packing because if everything goes to plan we will have moved before the middle of August. We have to be there in good time to settle down in time for my eldest to start school again in September. It would probably be a good idea to find out where the school is!

I've also promised the kids a small leaving party, so I better get organizing that too. That will definitely involve cupcakes!



  1. So glad you've found a house that suits you, hope you settle in quickly. I've just been looking at Nafplio on Google Map. Does it not take long to get to Athens?

  2. Jude, It takes between one hour and thirty minutes to two hours to get to Nafplio depending on which route you take and if you are heading there at a busy time. (Friday evening is not recommended!!) There is a new road being built which promises to cut the time down to just over an hour!

  3. Hi Liz.. I'm now in Athens for short holidays with my best friend who's also nounos to my son. I understood your predicament. I hope to move from my current apartment to a bigger one too. Hope to visit you and shop one day and sample your cupcakes :-) Do keep me update about your shop! Take care and happy summer holidays.

  4. I'm so happy for you Liz. Congratulations, that's great news. Hope that we'll meet one day in Nafplio :)

  5. Congratulations!
    Με το καλό!!!

  6. Kaloriziko! Everything will go fine ... it's not easy bit it all works out just fine in the end. best of luck with everything and I look forward to hearing about the whole process of new home and shop!