Friday, July 10, 2009

Too cute

Theo, a friend of ours over at 0comments, posted about a wedding he went to last week. Instead of a Boubouniera the couple gave out these gorgeous little things!

I thought it was a such a sweet idea. Literally! I love it when some choose something a little different than usual for their wedding! In this case there were two different types of preserved sweet in these cute little jars, wrapped and with a teaspoon to take home!

It's been a while since I got married. We married in the UK many moons ago. I loved my wedding. I would have done lots of things myself if I had known then the things I know now (and had the skills to do them). I'd start by keeping things very small and personal, with only a few guests. I'd cook some things myself, the cake for instance, and I would organize the rest of the meal myself, too. Decorations and flowers, too. It would be with a small budget but stylish!

I was but a girl then, so now all I can do is look back at the pictures and cringe at our hairstyles!

Did you have the wedding you dreamed of? Would you do it any differently now?



  1. spoon sweets? i love it
    very original and very useful

    ps i always post the cost of meal outings - it's only fair for people to know what they will pay when they go out to the places i visit

  2. Hmm, as my husband and I got married 7 years ago (2nd time around)we had a lovely family wedding in a country hotel in Cornwall. We had muffin-sized cup cakes piled high instead of a cake, all decorated with sea side decorations. My daughter and son 'gave me away'. We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, finishing with a disco on a boat sailing down the River Fal. Spoilt!
    My daughter is getting married in Sept in
    Wales, can't wait!!

  3. Jude... the boat sounds wonderful! Got any pictures of the cup cakes? Liz