Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding photos

I shall henceforth be referring to my BIL as SZ and his new wife as EZ III.

My Parents in Law have three sons. Each one of them has married a girl with the initials EZ. In fact all of our names start with "El..."! It can be confusing at times. So anyway I am EZ I and my other SIL is EZ II and the newest SIL is EZ III!

Just so there's no confusion! :p

They got their official wedding pics!

Aren't they sweet? I haven't see any cupcakes in any of the pictures though! Admittedly, I haven't seen them all. I did dare my BIL to ask for a pic with a cupcake in, but he must have decided against it!


  1. Hi Liz. These are more than sweet.GORGEOUS!
    Have a great day!
    BTW. Do you have the YOU TUBE video about old Juia Child?

  2. Beautiful wedding pictures! Stunning! Please pass on my congrats! :)

  3. Beautiful photos!!!
    It helps that the couple is gorgeous too.
    Thanks for sharing :) I LOVE PHOTOS~~~

    (like i need to tell you that)

    Have a great night Liz!


  4. Thanks EZ1 :) for sharing these beautiful pictures. The couple is gergeous. Na zisoun eftychismenoi.

  5. Thanks Liz for that post. We are famous now!!By the way, did I ever thank you for the great (and very useful) cook book you gave me before the wedding?I opened it a couple of days ago(I will need it soon!)

  6. Such a beautiful blog & such a beautiful place you live!!!
    I noticed that you follow the Pioneer Woman.
    Just last night (Dec 8) my friends & I went to her book signing here in Nashville. The rain was so crazy still she managed to almost set a record for the amount of fans. In a few days I'll post pictures of her visit on my other blog:
    Thank you so much for visiting me & I'll be checking in often.
    And the cupcakes look so yummy & what an artist you are with them!