Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lots and lots of sugar flowers

Thanks for all the kind words and wishes for the couple! Hopefully we will get some nice photos of both the bride and groom and the cupcakes to share with you next week!

Yesterday morning I started on the sugar flowers for the wedding cupcakes. They are small sugar paste flowers and I dusted them with edible gold dust just to take away the stark white color.

It didn't take too long to make them with the little tool you see in the picture. Cutters like this are available from most cake craft supply stores on the internet. It is best to get the kind with a plunger so that you just cut and pop them out in one move. Then use the ball tool to make them a little more three dimensional.

Only 350 of the wedding cupcakes will have sugar flowers on. My shoulders are only aching slightly! Actually, it was quite a pleasant job since I had peace and quiet with the munchkins at school. My favorite time of day.

Later on I will be going shopping for the rest of the ingredients. This morning I nearly bought twice as much butter as needed. Oops!

I spoke with the wedding planner a little while ago and we discussed how they will be displayed and whether or not to keep a stash of cupcakes for the dinner guests to enjoy later on too. Sounds like a good plan :P

Sorted out what we will all wear.


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  1. FANTASTIC!!! The flowers are THE most amazingly chic patisserie sugar flowers I have ever seen and I KNOW the final complete product is going to be 1st class!!! Oh, how I wish I was next door so I could help...
    Anyway, best of luck with this very close to the heart account...
    See you soon,