Thursday, October 8, 2009

Progress report

Thanks again everyone for showing such interest. My BIL was very touched at the kind thoughts you all wrote when he read the blog earlier on!

I wanted to mention that they had in fact asked me very early on about cupcakes for the wedding but at first it seemed like the venue would not allow home made things for the treat ("kerasma"). The couple were disappointed and spent some time looking into other things but kept feeling sad that they couldn't have cupcakes. Anyway, it turned out that we misunderstood the guidelines that the Ktima has, and that is why we ended up so close to the date before we knew that we had the OK for the cupcakes. As it happens, it wouldn't make any difference with regard to the time frame for making them: the cakes have to be done at the last minute to be fresh and tasty.

The edible gold dust can be found at this cake craft store or this one. They both deliver to Greece.

If anyone has any more questions or is wondering about anything, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer after the event (and after all the pain-relieving drugs have worn off and am lucid once again)!

So far everything is going according to plan. But I won't be posting again until Monday! The work really begins this evening with measuring out ingredients and preparing the boxes to transport them.

I have my happy helpers. Well, I don't know how happy they will be afterwards. They are Alex, children, guests and even my father in law, who thinks he is merely coming to drive us to Athens (our car will be full of cakes): little does he know what he is driving into!

The children's assignment is to keep quiet and out of the way :) one of the other adults may be assigned to assist them to do that!


Just starting to get anxious!

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  1. Best wishes for the couple and hope you enjoy the wedding. Shall be looking forward to see pictures of the cupcakes.