Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A challenge

So here's the thing. My Brother in Law is getting married in on Saturday. My future SIL asked me just over a week ago if it might be possible for me to make cupcakes for a treat (kerasma) for the guests. 700 of them!

It is rather a large number to turn out from my kitchen. It is rather a long way from our house to the venue. It's a bit scary. Still I am confident I can do it. This is when a spare freezer, a kitchen aid and a van might be useful! We'll think of something! (If the follow up to this story requires that I use the tag 'disaster' I will retire from making cupcakes forever.)

They won't be too large, and probably just two flavors. I am not going to be giving anything else away for now.

I have a more pressing concern: what to wear!

That, and I have guests this week.


  1. This is very courageous of you Liz and if you go ahead good luck. Maybe this will be good for your future coffee/tea shop.

  2. that is one BIG job!

    (and that chocolate chili ice cream you mentioned must be brilliant - another greek blogger makes amazing chocolate peppery truffles that are worth looking into: http://foodjunkie.eu/2009/02/06/spiced-chocolate-truffles/