Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our anniversary & café open house!

It's that time of year again although we've hardly had time to notice since we've been so busy with the café!

Remember last year? Our 19th anniversary cookie?

And the cake?

Yes, last year was our 19th and I wrote this: ''Happy Anniversary to us! Next year it's the big 20! Should I start planning the celebrations from now?''

Hmm. Well. I wouldn't have thought that our anniversary would have come so soon after the opening of the café! To celebrate we're going to have an open-house on the 26th. We'll be giving away 200 mini cupcakes! We were waiting for our seating area to be ready to do a Grand Opening and there is a chance that the furniture will be delivered by the 26th, but whether it is or not, we're going to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with our friends and customers!

Perhaps some of you might be planning a day trip to Nafplio and if you are, we'd love to see you!

Liz Cupcakes

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