Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding anniversary - Giveaway

Today Alex and I have our wedding anniversary! 19 years! Most of the time I wonder how it can be possible that 19 years have passed, but when I actually take time to think of all the things we've done, places we've been and the places we've lived then I realise it really is 19 years. The time started flying by even faster after the addition of our son, seven years ago, and our daughter, in 2006.

To celebrate I made this:

I got the idea from the fabulous Bakerella. I made a few little alterations. Some because I wanted to and others because I had no choice. First of all, I made mine into a millionaire's shortbread, adding caramel on top of the cookie base instead of butterscotch chips.

I also had to free style with my M&M design since my tin was a little smaller than the one Bakerella used. Also because in the states you can buy M&Ms by the colour, which we can't do here in Greece. I tried my best by sorting out two enormous packets into colours and then fiddled around with a piece of paper working out a design. Next time I might try and work with those little 'treat size' smarties packages, although I don't know whether I could face sorting out the colours again :)

I didn't manage to achieve the neon sign look that Bakerella did, but, overall, I think it looks OK. To be perfectly honest, millionaire's shortbread certainly doesn't need any extra embellishing with M&Ms but it was a fun way to write a little message.

Just in case anyone would like to try and recreate this giant cookie, I'm giving away one of these heart-shaped tins! I found it worked really well for the cookie and it came out easily. It's also deep enough to make a cake or some other sort of sweet or savoury tart.

If you'd like the opportunity to own this tin, just leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite drink is when you are having cake? Tea, coffee, champagne? You have until Saturday evening to comment and we'll pick the winner on Sunday.

Happy Anniversary to us! Next year it's the big 20! Should I start planning the celebrations from now?



  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! My favorite pairing with cake is a nice glass of milk :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Here;s to many, many more ... and I love the photos of the M&Ms! Coffee is the way to go!

  4. My best wishes to you and Alex for you wedding anniversary Liz. The cake looks fabulous and yes Greek coffee for me please.

  5. Congratulations!!!
    Yes, start now, it will take a year to organise such a celebration.
    I have a strange story to tell you..
    I have only drank very strong black coffee for YEARS, no sugar, no milk and at least 3 spoons of instant per cup..I loved strong fresh coffee, drank gallons per day.
    Last year, in Sept, my daughter got married in North Wales and the following Monday several friends, relatives, including my 75 year old father climbed Snowdon..we got to the Halfway Cafe and I craved a mug of strong tea, with milk!! I've not touched nor wanted a coffee since..just give me tea...how strange is that?
    So, that's your answer..tea!

  6. I can't imagine what you'll do for the 20th- but the 19th was very sweet :o)

  7. Fantastic anniversary cake, would you be interested in showing it off on our anniversary site?

    Drop me a line on our contact page if you are.

    If you are getting started on your 20th anniversary celebrations traditionally they are with china.

    Looking forward to seeing next year's anniversary cake!