Friday, July 16, 2010

Ice cream sandwiches ― Update

There is a lot going on over here behind the scenes. No, my next post is NOT going to announce the shop is open. Although I'd love it if that was what my post was about, wouldn't you miss all the renovation photos?

The thing is, I really can't blog about it until things are official. Let's just say we seem to be finally moving forward and not backwards. Let's say now we really are coming face to face with bureaucracy.

When we finally get this place open, I'll consider it one of my life's achievements. That is, if I haven't gone missing under a mountain of paperwork.

So, let's all have something tasty to cool us and our nerves down.

I've seen quite a few recipes for cookie ice-cream sandwiches flying about the internet lately. I love ice-cream sandwiches, so I was itching to try.

I found myself with some spare chocolate chip cookies which I'd made for topping the cupcakes from the last post. There was also some cheapy ice-cream in the freezer, so I decided to go ahead and sandwich some of them together.

The result was tasty but a little too sweet. The chocolate cookies are fairly sweet anyway and, like I mentioned, the ice-cream was a bit of a cheap one. If I was going to make them deliberately, as opposed to just stuffing together whatever I had in the house, I would choose the recipes a bit more carefully. I'd pick a less sweet cookie and a much better quality ice-cream or even a home-made one.

After you have put a dollop of ice cream on one cookie, you just squash it all together with the other one and, if liked, dip in sprinkles.

Then store tightly wrapped individually in cellophane in the freezer until ready to eat. You have to work quickly, unless your kitchen is nice and cool! An extra pair of hands might have been useful!

Liz Cupcakes


  1. sounds to me like things are moving up, and we casn only expect to hear more good things from you - waiting to hear, read, see it all

  2. Good to hear things are still moving, even if slowly.
    I like this idea...I've never made ice cream sandwiches before.


  3. I can only imagine the horror with all the paperwork and procedures. I hope everything gets done so you can finally open soon. I haven't tackled that part yet but I know I'm in for a ride! Your ice cream sandwiches look so yummy!!

  4. these look yummy! i think im going to try to make some this weekend :D