Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black forest ― Greek style

There are interesting developments with the shop, but I feel I'd better not tell you until it is definite :)

So instead of news, I'm offering another one of my experiments. I made black forest cupcakes last year when the blog was in its infancy. Back when I was trying new recipes and we were learning the art of photographing them.
Now that cherries are back in season I thought I'd do a bit more experimenting.The cherry season is so short here and I love cherries so I'm already crying over the season ending and it is only beginning now! Thanks to Kiki who kindly sent me some preserved cherries and a cherry liqueur. They gave me the idea to revisit the black forest cupcakes.

They were delicious!

I am travelling to the UK to help take care of my Dad who is having his hip replaced. I'm leaving Alex in charge of the blog and, more importantly, the kids :P Pappous and Yiayia are coming to help him, too. I'll be back soon,

Liz Cupcakes

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  1. Have a safe trip and perastika to your dad. Liz making cherry spoon sweet is not that difficult and you should try it since you can use it in your cupcakes. I still have some leftover from last year.