Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Behold...the hummingbird!

We're still on our little vacation in the UK, visiting Grandad and Granny cupcakes. Wish you were here. Well, not really! The weather has been very good so far with only two days of rain and it's forecast to be sunny for the rest of our stay so I won't be spending much time in the kitchen!

Here's a little something to keep you going until we get back. This is a hummingbird cupcake (you'll have to excuse the light in these pictures ― they were taken on one of the rainy days). Depending on the recipe you use, hummingbird cupcakes have banana, pineapple, sometimes carrot and coconut inside. The frosting is usually cream cheese. So what's so special about this hummingbird?

Well... (blowing trumpet ahead of me) this is my first attempt at a sugar free cupcake. Yes, sugar free!

What's the point of a sugar free cupcake, you might ask. Well there is a lot of point if you happen to be a diabetic. It was time to try out a few recipes for those who have special dietary requirements, so after doing quite a bit of research and asking for some advice from another lovely cupcake baker, Laura, I had my first attempt.

Now, sugar plays several roles in the baking process. Not only does it add sweetness but it also adds volume (as well as colour) to a recipe. Sugar substitutes don't add volume or colour, only sweetness. Take a look inside the cupcake:

You can see that it is very pale. That is something I am going to try and work on. The overall appearance of the cake was good. The overall taste, well, if you are a sugar addict it might not quite hit the spot, but if you are not allowed to have sugar in your daily life and only on a special occasion, then you would find that this little cake actually does it!

For my first sugar free recipe it wasn't too bad, I thought. I'm going to be experimenting more, so we have a sugar free option on our menu some days or available for special orders.


Sunset at Silloth, Cumbria, UK ― April 2010
(Nafplio / Shmafplio, it's all the same...)


  1. well done on a sugar-free cupcake - people are very conscious of what goes in their sweets these days, so i think it will catch on

    i was recently in london, and we had absolutely glorious weatehr throughout our four days there - not a drop of rain, cold but sunny weather the whole time; i almost felt as if i had taken the cretan weather with me

    have a lovely time in the UK

  2. I love all of the photos!! It looks like you're having a great time. Can't wait until you're back!! :)