Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The other day we were looking through our photos and realised we didn't have any photos of brownies. How could this be, since I have made them quite a few times in the last few months? I have been trying different recipes to find out which one I like.

To cut a long story short, when I discovered we needed a photo model of some brownies to add to our 'menu' I thought I'd better remedy the situation quickly! Behold cheesecake brownies. Absolutely no calories what-so-ever!!!

The thing I have discovered about brownies is that everyone has a favourite way of making them. Each their own version. Some like it to be more cake like and some like it to be more fudgy. Smitten Kitchen has quite a few different versions. The fact that we didn't manage to take any photographs until I made some especially testifies to how yummy brownies are!

I have made some brownie cupcakes before. You have to find a special recipe for that, though because unlike most cake recipes which can be converted into cupcakes, brownies need a little tweeking (don't ask how I know that :P).

They're divine warmed up with a little cream or ice-cream.



  1. Those pictures are amazingly scrumptious!

  2. When will they create a monitor through which I can reach and grab one of the treats shown in these yummy pictures? Those brownies look divine and the brownie cupcake even more so if you ask me!!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....l want one now!!!!!Love the images of thes brownies too. How are the plans for shop ect going? found your blog by accident but glad l didxlynda

  4. Love brownies too and used to make them every weekend; i tried a recipe lately that has been a real good one, unexpectedly, with tahini instead of butter and no eggs(for lent) it melted in the mouth. Your pics look so good I want to go make some more brownies now~

  5. those cheesecake brownies look fantstic - i also love the look of the cupcake brownies (i like the idea of portion control) so i must look into making those too