Friday, October 9, 2009

Wedding cupcakes preparation

Things are working out well so far. Liz is half-way through the second flavor of cupcakes, and our guests are having the out-of-body experience of their life in a working vacation!

Here is a shot of the Army of lemon cakes with Madagascan vanilla.

Some are waiting to be frosted, while their little comrades are ready to ship.

What we are carefully not showing is the mess in the house, and the ways we are working around each other and keeping our daughter (who after a stretch of many months decided to have a high temperature today) happy and occupied. But you can imagine all that, can't you?

Olivia happily sat with her grandad for ages playing and watching TV. A real mission saver!

At 6pm all the baking was done.

Time now for the final frosting session.

And now, after a full 12 hours, the whole lot is ready and packed. Tomorrow morning they will have to be loaded in the car and taken to the wedding venue. Hopefully they will look equally as nice as they do now.

Goes without saying that photos will be posted.



  1. How beautiful. Rest if you can tonight! So many cupcakes...again they're beautiful! I want one, well...a few!
    Great job:)

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Elizabeth, Congratulations Alex, Perastika Olivia, καλή δύναμη everyone..., can't wait to see you all!!!

  3. Liz (and the whole family) thank you for working so hard for us. You will really make our special day truly special. We owe you alot. And thanx for the cookbook as well!!There are some good tips in there!!
    XXX C U Tomorrow