Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We survived! (part one)

Well that was an adventure!

I am pleased to say that everything went perfectly with regard to making the cupcakes. My biggest concern was the transportation but I didn't need to worry, since they all arrived at the venue safe and sound.

Yes, you can fit 725 cupcakes in a VW Passat!

Where to start? We had decided to make two flavours and the previous week we had a practice run to see how we wanted them to look. The flavours we decided on were:

Lemon sponge with Madagascan vanilla frosting (in pink) topped with a handmade sugar flower; and

Dark chocolate sponge with white chocolate frosting and a milk chocolate drop.

I decided to start Thursday evening by preparing the pink frosting for the lemon cakes, since I was going to be baking them first. I had one of my capable assistants (our poor guests) measuring out icing sugar and butter ready for me to get working on. It took a couple of hours to get the 3 kilos of butter and more than 6 kilos of icing sugar whipped up into a delicious frosting. We tried out an old Kenwood free standing mixer belonging to my MIL but I was not used to using it and I felt like I could get things done faster with my ordinary hand mixer. The bride had told me that her dress was pale pink but I hadn't actually seen the color and when I saw the color of the dress and the color of the frosting I couldn't have been more pleased! They looked a perfect match.

After the kids went to bed, we put together the boxes and set out the first of the ingredients for the lemon cakes. Scrubbed the lemons from the trees in the garden at Palaio Faliro.

We went to bed fairly late and I for one didn't sleep well. Every time I dropped off, I had dreams of hundreds of cupcakes!

Friday morning dawned and my plan was to get the kids their breakfast, send them off merrily to school and start work. Things of course didn't turn out exactly as planned!

To be continued...


  1. The suspense is already killing me! :)
    But wow, what beautiful cupcakes! And lemon? I bet they were to die for. I know I have already told you once, but I'll do it again...BRAVO!! You made 700+ cupcakes! WOW.

    Don't you love Passats? I have one in the U.S. and I wish it would make economic sense to send it here, but, it doesn't. Those trunks ARE amazing!
    Have a great night Liz!

  2. Wow, 725 cupcakes?! That's amazing. How did you possibly bake and decorate those and in how many days exactly? Geia sta xeria sou!!

  3. LOL wauv Liz - that is quite something and what a surprise to see this site - looks very yummy cakes and delicious - good luck with it all.

    Ann (ExNet from DK)

  4. wow - you are amazing! they look divine!

  5. Hi Liz, sorry it took me so many days to visit but had some problems with my internet connection. You did an amazing job. The cupcakes look stunning. I am a chocolate lover so I'd choose the chocolate one if I were there!!