Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry tart

On Monday, when I was making the cupcakes for the Nursery sports evening, I made some strawberry buttercream. I added some fresh pureed strawberries to my basic buttercream recipe. I was free-styling a bit and added a few too many, the result being that the frosting wouldn't really hold its shape so much. I decided to halve what I had made and add more icing sugar to the one I wanted to pipe, and popped the rest in a bowl in the fridge.

I'm not one to waste things, and since I also had some leftover strawberries, I decided to make a flan. It's something I haven't made in years! In fact, I had to give my flan tin a really good scrub! Now, I would normally fill a strawberry flan with cream or mascarpone, or something a little plainer, but, in the interests of being economical, I'd say this works very well. It's not exactly low fat, but there isn't any butter in the cake, so that makes up for it. I think.

So, this is a plain cake recipe, topped with my strawberry buttercream "disaster" and fresh sliced strawberries. I added a little gelatin at the end, just to make it lovely and glossy.

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  1. I attempted to add pureed strawberries to icing once, and the icing just slid completely off the cake.