Monday, June 1, 2009


Things have been moving along at a fast pace. Our plans are taking shape. We will be making the big move sometime through the summer vacation. Its a bit difficult to turn our attention to that when we still have school for a couple more weeks.

We have been keeping ourselves busy with trying new recipes and photographing them. AZ is getting quite the photographer! We've uploaded a sampler to Flickr and Picasa. I've been finding plenty of willing subjects to test out the finished products too! We've also consulted a very talented graphic designer to help us work on our image.

My little girl, OZ is having her nursery school sports evening tonight and I am providing some cupcakes. I decided on cupcake babies for the children (over 100 of them) and three dozen of three other flavours just for folks to try. The kitchen table is loaded down with the cakes and shortly I will start frosting them.


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