Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cake balls

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to make some cake balls à la bakerella. I have been wanting to try them for some time because I see lots of people on the internet making them and raving about how good they are. The reason I haven't had a chance to do them before now is because here in Greece it is a bit difficult to come by some of the ingredients. The main difficulty being the candy melts.

Anyway, I had a left over cake from Monday night (sports evening) which I had rejected for not being big enough (very size-ist of me, I know). A plain chocolate cake. I also had a little bit of buttercream of various colours left. I decide to just dip the balls in melted milk chocolate and then drizzle over some white chocolate.

Unfortunately, we were in a hurry to go where we were taking them and didn't have a chance to take any photos (that's what I'll tell myself anyway), but, fortunately, there are a few frozen balls left in my freezer. I will be able to take photos of them at leisure when I finish off the next batch.

The great thing about these, aside from the taste that is, is that a) There is so much potential to do amazing things with them. Just check out the things Bakerella has created over time! Cake pops, Cake balls and Cake bites; b) You can easily alter the directions like I did. I used a left over cake and buttercream instead of the suggested cake and frosting in the directions. This means it's a great way of using leftovers and not wasting a single crumb; and c) If you are a beginner in the kitchen, you can follow the directions exactly and use the packet mix and ready frosting (those are available in the larger supermarkets even in Greece) and get great results.

The only thing is that, now that the weather is hotting up over here, you might not successfully be able to transport them so well to someone's house if they are a gift. We just managed last night to get to where we were going without the chocolate melting. (I wonder if candy melts hold together a bit better in the heat?)

That leaves you with two choices, only make them in the winter OR, and I have to say I am more inclined this way..., eat them all yourself!

Pics next time, I promise.



  1. Yay! it sounds so yummy!
    I wish I was there to try them!!!

  2. They sound great! I just read about these cake balls on another blog as well and quickly bookmarked them for the near future.