Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sticky toffee pudding hearts

Hands up those who don't like sticky toffee pudding? That's right, I didn't think so.

Last time I mentioned that I'm on a diet. These are definitely not diet food. But I've been meaning to make sticky toffee pudding for a while now and everyone needs a break from their diet now and again, right? At least that's what I told myself when I tucked into one of these.

When I don't have a specific recipe for some traditional dessert, I usually google a few different versions and then I mix and match the elements which I think look the tastiest or simplest out of the recipes I've found. For this, I checked BBC Food, Jamie Oliver (try not to notice the calorie info on that one) and Nigella's recipes and then once I'd grasped the main elements I gave it a go.

I didn't add any extra spices to the mix but that's the amazing thing about sticky toffee pudding, the dates create such an amazing flavour.  If you've never done it before, you might be put off by the appearance of the dates as you prepare them.  They don't look very appetizing but seriously, don't doubt.

I was thinking of a possible dessert for our upcoming anniversary when I made them in heart molds, so I baked them for a few minutes longer than you need to if you're just going to serve it in a baking dish. I wanted to be sure that they'd come out of the mold ok.

I contemplated trying to make these into a cupcake but in the end I decided against it because this is a traditional pudding that should be served warm with whipped cream or even better,  ice-cream.

Fortunately for my diet, I only made a half batch. Not that Alex would have minded if he was forced to eat the rest.  As for our anniversary, I'm not sure how much effort I've got the strength to put in.  I've still got a few days to think about it.

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