Monday, March 7, 2011

Anniversary ‘cake’ & Open Cupcake!

Since we're around cake so much these days I didn't particularly feel like having cake for our anniversary. I can't deny that I'm very tired.

We had a busy weekend ahead of us so I decided to just make a little something tasty for us to tuck into while we were at the café.

I settled on cheesecake brownie. I cut it into heart shapes, and layered it with fresh strawberries and chocolate & strawberry sauce. It was just right. Chocolate and strawberries together are delicious.

On Saturday we were pleased (but somewhat dismayed) that the seating area furniture turned up 5 minutes before we were due to hand out the 200 mini cupcakes! We quickly unpacked the things as fast as we could and disposed of the packaging. The delivery firm only delivered the table tops and not their legs!!! (which finally arrived last Wednesday, a whole 4 days later...)

Open Cupcake went really well! Thanks for everyone who made it. Special thanks to those who came all the way from Athens for cupcakes :D I had to keep baking most of the afternoon because the counter was emptying quickly.

It was an exhausting day. The poor kids were worn out, even though they were very excited by the whole thing. Or maybe it was just the helium balloons we got that were so exciting! We went to bed after midnight and I had to be up again at 7 the next morning to be on my feet again for most of Sunday. My feet are still not very happy with this running a cupcakery thing.

We're at the end of another holiday weekend. The town was busy. The weather did improve ever so slightly yesterday and the day before, with skies that allowed the sun to poke through just this little bit.

Up until the end of March we have a colouring competition for children who are under 12 (those who go to Demotikó). At the end of the month we'll choose a winner who will receive 12 cupcakes. Any under 12s are welcome to take part.

You can download the PDF file, colour and return it in the post (or just scan and email it to us)! Of course, should you win, you have to be able to come to Nafplio to pick up your prize!

Liz Cupcakes


  1. aw, happy anniversary liz! glad you had a few moments to enjoy it (and savor such a sweet dessert!) in the midst of the madness. you guys deserve all your success. PS your blue & white swirled cupcakes look fantastic - love the colors!

  2. Happy anniversary, and many more to come

  3. My God, Liz! If there was a reason to go back to Nafplion - and I have plenty - yr cheesecake brownie just made it to the top of the list!
    Keep it up!