Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shopping and give-away!

So we just came back from our vacation in England. As I mentioned before I may have got one or two things while I was there. But before we get onto that I wanted to show you my new glass storage jars!

They came from Denmark. Home of very good design. I've posted about stylish Danish gifts before and shortly before we left for our vacation we had some more friends visiting from there and, wouldn't you know it, they read my blog and decided, very kindly, to add to my collection of Danish design. Thanks again J&K (not to be confused with J&L)!

It would be nice if every time I mentioned things that I like I received them from somewhere... such as the special edition red Kitchen Aid with glass mixing bowl that I have been drooling over :P

Back to the shopping. I got all sorts of things in England. Mostly to use in the shop and some for home. I got these:

This one came from the local market for only £4!

The difficulty of getting cake-stands which do not come in boxes from there to here is another matter. In fact, this is not the first crystal cake-stand to make the trip from England to Greece. The last one didn't survive. Smashed to smithereens. It was carried in my hand luggage all the way to London, through air-port security, onto the plane, off the plane, home from the airport to Palaio Faliro and got dropped on the front stairs on its way into the house. Let's just say it had something to do with the little fingers of a certain little girl we all know, poking little holes into the plastic bag during the journey from Spata to Palaio Faliro.

So this time I was forced to buy some boxes in order to ensure a safe flight.

I'm sure they'll come in handy somewhere around the house or shop.

I also got these:

You can use them for chocolate or fondant icing. I thought that they'd be great for topping cupcakes. In fact I've seen other lovely cupcakes doing it so I know they'll look good.

I got buttons, butterflies, hearts, roses, and these:

Stilettos! I had a try out with white chocolate. Before I put the chocolate in, I added some sprinkles to some and sparkly sugar to others. I got the sparkly sugar in England. If you look closely you can see that there were some little air pockets around the sugar and sprinkles. I'll have to think about that before I do my next pair of Prada! I was wondering how I could achieve the trademark look of red-soled Louboutins? How cute will they be on some girly cupcakes!

I also got these cake pans and some more oven gloves and an apron. Tools of the trade :)

Then there are the books, too. I'll go into more detail about that later. I managed to find a smaller version of one of the cupcake books I already have, a more compact one which is more useful for me.

So, today I am giving my 'old' copy. It is in very good condition. No cake splatters, I promise. Just to make it even sweeter, here are some silicone cupcake cases which you can use again and again! To enter the give-away, let me know what's missing from your kitchen which you'd love to get. I think you may have guessed what I want!

Oh, you have until Sunday night (that's Athens DST time, GMT+3)!



  1. Hi Liz,
    I read your blog with pleasure. I am looking forward making some of your cupcake recepies: I think I will start with the oreo-ones!
    I totally understand your 'kitchen-wish'! I just got myself a Kitchenaid, allthough not the red one, and I love it !
    Lately I have been getting lots of stuff for my kitchen and my growing passion for baking:) I really need a bigger kitchen :) But not an easy task in the heart of Paris, as you can understand. A little thing I am planning on buying however is a sugar thermometer.. should come in handy for making caramel and jams!
    Keep up the good cupcake work in Greece !
    Bizz as they say in France !
    Nicolette (nicolettepob@gmail.com/http://cafecreme-n.blogspot.com)

  2. Everything you bought from England are beautiful, especially the crystal cake holder. How did you manage to bring all these from England?

  3. Ivy... With difficulty. The only good thing about having to pay for FOUR full price tickets is that we get a big baggage allowance!

  4. Πού πήγε το σχόλιο που άφησα χτες βράδυ; Λες να το πέρασα για cupcake και να το έφαγα; Μπαααα!
    Έλεγα, ότι ζήλεψα το βιβλίο, γιατί θήκες σιλικόνης έχω. Ωραία τα γοβάκια και τα υπόλοιπα γκατζετάκια!!!