Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cupcakes craze sweeps across the nation!

I promised that exciting stuff would be coming along this month and the excitement starts here. This morning my humble little cupcakes became 'famous'! They were on TV!

A couple of months ago we got a call from Christianna Baxevani, the (producer; apologies, we're kinda star-struck and 'lost' Galánis Michópoulos!) editor-in-chief of the TV show Nistikoí Práktores ('Starving Special Agents', after a play on words in the Greek). You probably remember I mentioned them here back in February. Christianna asked us if we would like to bring along some cupcakes to the show and also demonstrate a recipe. After picking myself up off the floor where I fell in shock and saying over and over 'I don't really think I can do it', we decided that I really must go since it is obviously a very good way for people who don't already know about cupcakes to get to know about them! One of my 'missions' apart from opening my little café is to get everyone to know what a cupcake is and to get people to love them!

The day to film the show came around quickly and off we popped to the Star Channel Studio in Athens with a big box of cupcakes, some ingredients and the children in tow.

We really had a great time with everyone at the show. They were all so kind, polite and patient with us. Dína Nikoláou and Thanássis Pátras are really fun and also talented. The whole show is done without rehearsal and they just get right into it and the word 'cut' is hardly mentioned! Before I knew it, my microphone was being clipped on and it was time for my part demonstrating how to make Oreo cookie cupcakes. I was so worried about messing up with my Greek that I let Dina and Thanassis do most of the talking. They were so relaxed, though, that they helped me be a tiny bit less nervous.

The kids were so sweet and well behaved and got to visit the control room. Then they came back down in time to come on for the last few minutes of the show! They were so excited about that! I was a little bit nervous about it, especially when Dina started asking them questions! It was difficult not to laugh at the end when Dina asked them what other nice food does Mammy cook and Olivia piped up 'lentil soup'. It was a great moment for me and it's true: even though you might think we told her to say it, we didn't! She loves lentils! Imagine if she had said 'fish fingers'! (for the record, we have lentils about once every 10 days and fish fingers only in emergencies!)

All in all we had a really fun time and it was an interesting experience for us and the kids! We'd like to thank Dina, Thanassis, Christianna, Galanis and everyone else at Nistikoi Praktores and Star Channel who were a part of our day. We're looking forward to having you over for cupcakes when we open! And if Dina or Thanassis are coming on any 'missions' in our neighbourhood we can cook up another delicious cupcake recipe again!

Just in case you missed us you can watch the segment on or here. We will provide it through the blog soon!

PS The day of the taping we had some guests visiting from Denmark. Hi Kamilla and Jannie! Thank you for being so gracious when we totally dumped you for the entire day! I hope the cupcake tasting made up for it slightly.


  1. Congratulations! A little gift of cupcakes and it opened the door for you! Dina is a wonderful person, great chef and I hope to meet Thanassi this summer.


  2. We took our cupcakes along to the taping not before. They found us here at the blog. We left the 'show cakes' with them and I did notice one or two of them disappearing... along with some mmm sounds.. :P

  3. I love the behind the scenes photos! This was so fun to watch!! Once again, congratulations! :)

  4. bravo - i was at work, and saw this come up on facebook via cheryl!

  5. Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!
    Great seeing the action, the kids, the cakes!

  6. Bravo Liz! Congratulations. I don't watch T.V. in the morning but I've just watched the video. I just called my husband to see you and he told me that he remembers watching the show.

  7. You guyz are great! Congratulations on actualizing the child of your brains and the product of your creative genius. Veel success. Rees

  8. Congrats! I'm truly happy for you! I wish you even more success with your cupcake endeavors and I would love to visit this summer ... maybe we'll make a short trip your way one day.