Thursday, June 23, 2011

Around Nafplio ― A day off

We've been closed on Wednesdays for a few weeks to give ourselves a much needed break from working 7 days a week. When you open a café and are working it without any employees it gets very tiring. Not only for us but also for the kids whose lives have changed dramatically since we opened doors.

So, back at the end of March, when we had a sunny afternoon and the kids got home from school we got a picnic ready and went to a nearby spring at Kefalari to enjoy the sunshine and the sound of running water. The sun was glorious and we didn't need our jackets. There was one fat duck who the kids gave half their food to! No wonder he was fat.

Apart from the water source, there is a church which has been carved out of caves above and several seventies style tavernas which make you feel like you are in an old black and white film. You totally expect to see the old film stars of Greece like Aliki Vouyouklaki filming or something.

It's only about 15 minutes from Nafplio old town and great for a couple of hours entertainment.

The next day we had torrential rain so we were pleased we had taken the opportunity.


  1. It's lovely to get away..even for a few hours, recharges the batteries. I'm so glad your business is going so well.
    Take care

  2. It's been something like 15 years since I last went to Kefalari on a school trip! Thanks for reminding me the great time I had there with my classmates! :)