Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First impressions

Thanks everyone for your kind words and wishes!

The past couple of weeks have been both extremely exciting & exhausting. Overall we've been thrilled by how well they went. The first Friday and Saturday Alex had to be in Athens so I was on my own at the café. My friend came to stay with her two children to help take care of our two. Those were two really long days for me. I ached everywhere!!!

Then, on the Saturday, Olivia had an accident at the playground and broke her arm. Fortunately it's not too serious and she is getting used to the cast the doctor put on.

Along with the excitement of having customers, we had to learn a lot of things really quickly and we still have a lot to learn. There are so many things you have to have in your mind. Lots of balls to juggle.

Many thanks to all the customers who showed patience if we were a bit slow. Many thanks also to our friends here, especially those who helped look after the kids so that they didn't lose their minds with boredom and have to spend hours doing nothing at the café, as well as others who ran around doing errands for us when it was difficult to get away and also helping us to get to grips with the coffee machine!

You may have noticed we have added our opening hours here at the side. For now we will close early on Wednesday and Sunday but it's probable that when we add our seating area we will be open until later on those days, too.

I made a little tower of cupcakes for the window display and Betsy of the internationally famous blog ‘Cupcakes take the cake’ posted a picture of it over there. Thanks again, Betsy!

We had a four-legged ‘would-be’ customer the other day :P He sat outside looking longingly in the window!

That's all for now. I have a little girl who needs extra cuddles.

Liz Cupcakes


  1. Aww, I'm so sorry your daughter has to go through that! Isn't it crazy how things happen all at once at the most hectic of times?! I am so happy to hear the store is doing well. Can't wait to hear even more about it!

  2. your cafe looks AMAZING!!
    good work!

  3. perastika stin agapimeni mou olivia!!
    filia polla. I miss you all!