Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seaside cupcakes - Giveaway

Over the last few weeks I didn't cook too many cupcakes. The temperatures were so high and we don't have A/C in the kitchen at home. I did make these cupcakes for fun. They are decorated with sweeties from the local sweety shop.

This week we've started organising the renovation work for the shop. We hope to actually start the work early next week. The kids will also be back to school and we will be back into the Autumn routine. Three months is a long time to be off school.

I popped out to Cookshop this morning. I wanted to find a little gift to give away. Now that everyone is back and we're all getting back into the grind of work/school life I thought it would be nice to have something to cheer us up!

I've had my eye on these salt & pepper grinders for a while. They are SO cute. They are shaped like little bunny rabbits. Cuteness overload.

What is even cuter is that they're also magnetic! You can put them on your refrigerator or other metal surface in your kitchen.

Do you want to have these cute little magnetic bunny salt & pepper grinders? If you do, leave a comment telling me how often you treat yourself or others to something for the kitchen? And I'm not talking about food or alcohol :P

You have until next Saturday midnight (that's Athens DST time, GMT+3) to leave your comment.

Liz Cupcakes


  1. i LOVE your cupcakes - i was at the seaside with my family this past week, and you don't know how many memories of our mini-break these cupcakes have brought to me!

    this post has come at a very pertinent moment for me - i hardly ever treat myself to anything new in the kitchen; in fact, i am always looking for ways to get rid of things...

    ... until i read 'lunch in paris' by elisabeth bard - last saturday, i bought myself 8 ramekins, the kind you can make individual desserts in; they have little relevance in the cretan cuisine i cook, but i simply cannot wait to use them to make a chocolate dessert that elisabeth gives

    (yes, 3 months IS a LONG LONG time)

  2. Κάνετε πολύ καλή και νόστιμη δουλειά! Εύχομαι το καινούργιο σας μαγαζί να έχει μεγάλη επιτυχία (εγώ πάντως σκοπεύω να το επισκευτώ όταν έρθω στο Ναύπλιο) όταν με το καλό - φυσικά ανοίξετε -! Προσπαθώ να αγοράζω που και που κάτι όμορφο και πρακτικό που βλέπω στην αγορά και να εμπολουτίζω την κουζίνα μου! Καιτα δώρα που προσφέρετε είνι πραγματικά πολύ όμορφα!

  3. I love those salt and peppars...
    I treat myself often to kitchen goodies..
    I came back from the UK with loads of lovely goodies that I can't get in Crete...
    AND I bought my husband a new bread-maker yesterday, he loves making bread at least twice a week, of course, I don't eat it...
    Take care

  4. Your seaside cup cakes look fun. Just bought my kitchen a new Frappe whisk, nothing like a ice cold frappe on a hot sunny day.

  5. These look lovely! (both the cupcakes and salt and pepper shakers)

    I try to buy things for the kitchen as often as I can. I have my eyes on a muffin pan and waffle iron at the moment. I'm moving and I hope to bake all sorts of different goodies in my new kitchen!

  6. Hi Liz...Love these cupcakes! I'm so terrible at decorating anything although my baking does taste good...I just can't decorate very well.
    These are adorable and I can bet - delicious!!

    How often do I treat myself or others to goodies for the kitchen?? As much as possible! Anywhere there is cookware I have my hands on it. Maybe once a month or so. I have more gadgets than I can use, but I have them! I love spatulas more than anything...I like having different sizes for different things. Love the silicone spatulas for baking.

  7. Aw, these are adorable! I haven't bought anything fun for the kitchen in a while, the last thing I got was edible confetti! :)