Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini meringues

We had last minute dinner guests the other night and I felt like making something a little lighter for dessert. Before I started force-feeding all my guests with various cupcake recipes I was trying, mini-meringues were my go-to dessert when having guests.

I was the one who always brought them along everywhere or was asked 'could you bring some of those nice meringues you make?' I suppose I was Lizpavlova before becoming Lizcupcakes!

They make a light dessert after a large meal, especially when served with low-fat yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. They're also great year-round because you can just use whatever fruit that's in season on top! If you want it to be a bit more naughty than nice, you can do this:

Whipped cream, hazelnuts and chocolate shavings. Even though I'd class this as naughty, it is still pretty light.

Update: This week I attended a business seminar which is run by the Greek job center (OAED). It's necessary to have attended the course in order to take advantage of some funding programs and grants it offers. Now that that is over, things will hopefully move a bit faster around here.

I'll be honest and say that we have been a little disappointed that we haven't been able to move along as quickly as we had hoped with the shop. We thought we'd be open long before now. The summer season is upon us and we imagined we would be in full swing by now. Of course, in the back of mind I always knew that this sort of thing takes a lot more time, patience and money thank you think. Still it seems like we're finally moving forward. I hope that things are going to get even sweeter around here in the coming days!

Liz Cupcakes


  1. Lizpavlova haha
    It does take a lot of time and money to open a store, but hang on in there Liz. As we say έφαγες τον γάιδαρο, η ουρά έμεινε :)
    Stay strong and patient and the day will come. I have friends in Nauplio. When I visit them I'll definitely drop by your store. Bring back to Holland with me some yummy cupcakes :)

  2. These meringues look soooo delicious.
    We'll all wait patiently for your shop to open :)

  3. This is Greece!! They'll do anything to stall you :) It would be a pity though if you miss this summer season. These meringues look light and delicious.

  4. I love meringues and make them frequently. Reading your (non) progress in opening your business is one of the reasons Greece is in the trouble it's in. They make things just way too difficult don't they...ciao