Saturday, May 22, 2010

Give-away & Chocolate-dipped strawberries

It's been a busy week. We have been all over Napflio and we've looked at a lot of shops which are for rent. We found out some new information at the various authorities and it seems that one of our choices might, after all, be suitable. We're waiting for written confirmation. I'm not getting excited though. We've been here before and got nowhere.

So right now we are keeping our options open. We've looked at properties which are at the edge of the old town and also at properties which are nowhere near the old town.

Another thought is that of opening somewhere in the new town and then to think about opening a second location in the old town, which will only sell cupcakes made at the first location and thus not have a kitchen area.

Like I said, we're considering all options.

Enough about that! I went down to CookShop to find something cute for this month's give-away.

I found lots of cute things. I found an absolutely gorgeous silicone cake mould in the shape of a sandcastle. Unfortunately I didn't get it. If I had bought it, I would have been unable to give it away! It was that cute!

I found these lovely stencils for decorating desserts. I got a flower design...

... and a football design. This one might come in handy, since the World Cup is coming up soon! Greeks are a football-loving nation!

To enter the give-away leave a comment telling me When do you find yourself eating sweets? Do you like to eat dessert when you've gone for coffee with friends, after a meal, watching TV, if someone brings some over, or all of the above? Closing time is midnight (GMT +2) Friday, May 28. One comment per person please!

While you are thinking about that, have one of these lovely chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Liz Cupcakes


  1. Look, it's me said chocolate & strawberries!!! We love dipping them and yours are so cute!
    When do I eat sweets? Hmmmm...I try not to on a daily basis, even for coffee so I'll have to say I'm down to special occasions. There are enough of those to satisfy my sweet tooth, believe me. :)

  2. Save some for me Cheryl....
    As I'm continually watching my weight..I save eating a sweet for eating out and special occasions...
    Come on Cheryl..share those strawberries or I'm going to tell Liz!!

  3. It's been a while I've made strawberries dipped in chocolate. I always had some kind of dessert after lunch but now that I am watching my diet I've forgotten when it was the last time I ate dessert.
    Good luck with the shop. Nafplio is so beautiful with all those boukamvilias.
    We've given up on relocating since the new economical measures are affecting my husband's pension considerably.

  4. Yummy!!! Chocolate with strawberry!! Perfect!!!

  5. I am amazed that you find something useful in the cookshop. Every time I go there to look for something specific they do not have it or it is outrageously expensive. Your dipped strawberries I would instantly and always eat :)

  6. good luck liz, i cant wait to see your choice - and it's probably just round the corner

    as usual, you make beautiful enticing food, so the sooner the shop comes, the better

    and what lovely bougainvilleas!