Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's already March. I thought I'd better show you a few of the other things I baked and cooked in December and January before they go out of date!

First up, here are some cupcakes. Lots of them.

I also made this orange marmalade. We were given quite a supply of organic oranges and since the recipe I used calls for boiling the whole orange, I thought that organic oranges were the way to go.

Now, fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I was given lemons this time. I decided I should try my hand at some limoncello. I've got that brewing. It takes time though, so I'll keep you updated on that if it turns out well. I think it will go extremely well in some buttercream.

We've been doing more running around this week and looking at possible locations for the shop. It has been very enlightening.

I wish there was more interesting things to say but that's all for now.



  1. Well, these photos are definitely interestingly scrumptious! I can't show Iza these photos!! haha
    Actually, Foti & Iza would like the ones with the sprinkles and princess Alexandra would have to have the pink ones. Such beautiful cupcakes!
    And the marmalade looks lovely too :)

  2. i love being a busy bee with so much fresh produce - and where is that recipe that calls for boiling the whole orange (because it sounds much easier than tthe one i use - delia smith's, in which the orange are cut up in thin slices - lots of hard work!)
    i love marmalade

  3. Lovely, lovely cup cakes....
    you're so clever!!
    Like Maria I'd like to know where the recipe is for the marmalade...and the limoncello....I've got tons of lemons...

  4. Hi Liz! love your blog, I'm pretty much in the same process as you are, only in Chios! Great cupcakes!

  5. Hello Liz! I'm still waiting for your new shop's address or the location. I'd told my Greek friends when I was there in Summer 2009, to look out for your goodies... Please do keep me update :-) I can't wait to visit Greece again and meet you :-)