Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My first home grown vegetable!

And all by accident!

Back in Athens I had tried to grow some different varieties of lettuce. They started out not too badly but then they got infected by tiny tiny little flies and all died.

This afternoon while I was out the back of our house I noticed this in one of the pots that I had piled up until I have time to deal with them.

How cool is that? The sun and the plenty of rain we have been having worked all by them selves and germinated and nurtured some old seeds which obviously didn't sprout up in Athens.

This raises the question: what would happen if I plant (scatter without any care)some seeds all over the soil at the back. My gardening skills seem to improve the more I ignore things!

Salad anyone?

Oh and in case any of you ask, I have no idea which of all the seed varieties I planted these are.
Athens, garden, growing vegetables, lettuce, Nafplio


  1. As proud as you can be when you didn't even do anything!!

  2. We grew our first vegetables this summer too and I was quite excited when things started to grow. And I didn't even do the work to maintaint he garden that I should have, so I am excited to see how things turn out next year when I actually tend to it better. Congrats on your first vegetable success!

  3. Congrats!
    That's kind of how a discovered more than half of what I grow and eat around here. I find parsley growing in the strangest places.
    Yes, you should scatter seeds and see what happens! The countryside in Greece is so fertile and the climate is perfect for growing anything. My only problem is handling the overgrowth! Weeds grow sooooo fast here!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Isn't this very exciting. I grow some herbs in pots and can't wait to have my own garden to grown some vegetables as well.