Sunday, August 16, 2009

A week already

WOW! We have been living in Nafplio for a week now! It's been so much of a blur of activity that I don't think we have really taken it in! True to their promise, OTE got our internet arranged within a couple of days with only a few technical difficulties. Finding the time to come on and post has been more difficult!

The move went fairly painlessly, I suppose (there was quite a bit of muscle and back pain!) We had lots of helpers at both ends. It is so nice when you have relatives and friends who are willing to put themselves out to help you when you need them. Two Fridays ago, the 7th, the truck came and loaded all our stuff, which only just fit in! We slept for only a few hours and then set off Saturday morning for THE journey to Nafplio. Of course we have been so many times before but there was something more exciting about this trip. As we left the city, I told the kids to call out "Bye Athens, we'll see you when we come on holiday!" in an attempt to get them to realize the magnitude of it all. Our son definitely understands but I am not so sure about our daughter. I think maybe she has the impression we are on a long holiday.

The unpacking is coming along quite well. It is a hard job while trying to keep the kids entertained and do cooking and laundry like usual. The first couple of days my SIL cooked for us all. That was so kind of her, since there were lots of us! I owe her some cupcakes for sure! The house still needs a fair amount of cleaning as well. It was cleaned of the building dust but the windows and floors, as well as the insides of the cupboards, all needed and still need some work. Yesterday the tiredness finally caught up with us and we were both incapable of getting much done.

We've managed to go swimming a couple of times since we arrived. It was more a necessity than a pleasure. The kids needed to get out. Still, it's good to dip aching muscles in the sea! The area is absolutely packed with foreign and Greek tourists, so I suppose this is going to be a busy period when we get the shop open. I keep trying to anticipate what it will be like when we finally open doors. My latest thoughts are that we will have to take our own vacation at some other time of year!

That's all for now. I have lots to do and I'll be having visitors today and others later in the week. I hope to catch up with everyone as soon as possible!



  1. Kalo riziko!
    Take your time settling in, you're there now:)
    It's great to know that the sea is now a part of your daily lives as is it ours. It's wonderful, isn't it?

  2. I must tell you that you live in one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Nafplio last October and hope to get there again. I might not be this year though, we have an apartment to furnish in Glyfada this year. Maybe next year...ciao

  3. Take care and enjoy making your new home!!

  4. hey Liz, do take care n yes I know what it is like to shift homes..just did in March of this year...but it also is fun time and u sure are making good use of it :)

  5. Great to see that you've posted and everything went sell. Nafplio and Tolo are beautiful and hope to visit again soon.

  6. Are you planning on opening up a cupcake shop in Nafplio? I would take the trip from Athena there just for that. When will you open if you haven't already?

    Best of luck!