Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We survived the party!

The kids had a wonderful time.  Even though we had to have it completely inside the apartment with the air conditioning blasting! It was rather hot this past week-end in Athens!

We had games with prizes like bubbles and those blower thingys! The kids seem to love those most of all! We did a treasure hunt, too, the prize being lots of chocolate and sweeties (for added hyperactivity).

The whole thing was fairly simple, so I didn't get too tired. For the food I made a shallow pasticchio which I cut into child-sized portions, some small tuna sandwiches, cucumber sticks and, to supplement it, we got a couple of large pizzas for the older kids and adults. I make a nice pizza but this time it was just too much to think about! For the sweet I made some simple vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and this Kit Kat and m&m ice-cream cake!

Inside it was a basic 2 layer chocolate cake which I filled with homemade chocolate ice cream and then decorated with the Kit Kats and m&ms. It looked very impressive and exciting to the kids and tasted wonderful, although I have to admit, it was total chocolate overkill! You definitely have to cut small portions with this one! The Kit Kats made it easy to divide the portions though.

We started around 6 and by 10 all the little munchkins had gone and half an hour later my two were showered and in bed! They really sleep soundly after an exhausting afternoon like that! I do, too!!!

Now, it's back to the packing. The countdown has really begun now!


  1. Sounds like a great time. You're superwoman! Great job:)

  2. Sounds like a fantastic cake. Looked great too. I can see that not so superwomen or non-cake baakers could improvise a similar cake with bought cake and cream and make it look fairly good.

  3. I am sure I left you a message the day you posted. Sounds like a great party and the kids have enjoyed themselves. The cake looks great.