Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy busy busy

Things are moving along at a fast pace over here.

We've arranged a date with the removal men and are leaving Athens on the 8th of August! Our hopes and plans are coming to fruition.

I have mixed feelings, of course. On the one hand I am very excited about the move and on the other a bit sad to be leaving close friends here. Having said that, I am certain that quite a few of them will be regular visitors to our new home.

These last few days I have been packing boxes. My back is already feeling the strain. Of course, once the boxes are packed it brings another problem! Where to put the boxes? Things that were on shelves and in cupboards are now in boxes and we haven't got the floor space to store them!

This weekend we are having a small leaving party for the kids and a few of their friends. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The time being when we explained to FZ we would be leaving Athens. I thought that it would keep his mind off the part about leaving his friends and the house he has grown up in so far! Now I am thinking "What was I thinking?"

So this morning I am off to Jumbo sans kids. (I've explained my aversion to taking kids shopping before, and it applies even more so to shopping at a toy store!) I'll get little prizes for the party games and balloons etc. Then I will supplement what I get with various unsuitable sweets and chocolate items! They'll be hyperactive for weeks!

For the rest of the food I will have things like homemade pizza and hotdogs for them and a layer cake (I think I first saw the idea on tastespotting ) and some cupcakes for dessert. I am tempted to fill the cake with ice-cream instead of buttercream, but I am not sure how the decorations I intend to add will be if they get frozen. All will be revealed next week!

So now what remains is to make enough space on the floor so there is space for games, and decorate in such a way as to mask the fact that the walls are totally bare and not exactly brilliant white! Oh, and clean the house.



  1. So, time is really flying so quickly and organizing a party when everything is packed is not an easy job. Good luck with the party. Think of the bright side: everything sounds so exciting, starting a new life, making plans, meeting new people, getting your job organized. Athens, will soon be a distant memory.

  2. Leaving friends behind is not always easy but you are going somewhere very lovely. Too bad though that your leaving Athens exactly one month before I get there, we could have had a coffee. I may just have to go to Nafplio again...ciao

  3. nafplio is not too far away from athens, so people will always be able to visit you - this is in such great cotnrast with us: we are very isolated here in crete. and i just love visiting athens every now and then myself