Monday, June 15, 2009

Size matters

One of the things that I have been contemplating a lot when considering what I will offer in the shop is the size of the cupcakes. Since it's not going to be an enormous concern, I am not going to have too much time every day to make a huge selection of sizes. So I am questioning what people will want. Of course I can only suppose, and will know what people want when I actually open the shop.

Then, there is the matter of what to call them. You could go down the route of most western chain stores and refuse to call anything small. So should we name the ones which are not the biggest "regular" or maybe "medium" or should we go the... we know it's small but we don't want to call it that, so we'll think of something cute to call it...such as "mini" or "baby" ?

Maybe we should just go the way of Starbucks and confuse every one so that there are not three sizes but four, so if you ask for medium you have to choose between the two smallest or the the two middle sizes.

"Would you like that cupcake short, tall, grande or venti?"

Maybe not.



  1. I've always wondered how cupcakes would be received in Greece. I love to bake them up for friends and family here and have even managed to sell a few on the side. My in-laws--who live in Athens--can never really understand the concept though! Every time I make them and try to explain that they are just little cakes frosted any which way you desire, they kind of shrug it off!

    Best of luck with your business venture ... if I am ever in the area I will be sure to drop by!

  2. Hmmm, I think a delicious cupcake size must be able to hold delicious frosting on top without jeopardizing the shape of the cake and frosting design. The cupcake must be able to be hold in your palm, so that you can admire them before eating or hide away from potential droolers (ok, this line is just a joke LOL) Actually, I may just do that :-D I wished you all the best!