Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cookie cutters and more

The other day I managed to get to IKEA and have a little look around. My son, FZ, loves going to IKEA, and now he is on vacation from school and is bored, it was an opportunity for a morning out of the house. OZ is still at nursery until tomorrow so it was a morning for the two of us. There are two reasons why FZ loves IKEA:

1) Hot dogs,
2) Ice cream,
3) His ultimate trip would include both!

Err... somehow that became 3... oops.

I don't usually hang around browsing much when I have one or both or the kids with me. They suffer. I suffer. In my opinion, kids and shops don't go together. Even if it is a place as kid friendly as IKEA. So, as usual, we did a quick fly-by of the top floor, stopping for the obligatory amount of time in the kids section for a spin in those egg shaped chairs that close over them and they are hidden. After that we went downstairs to the household stuff and discovered that they have brought some new utensils for baking and cooking. I came across these lovely cutters.

There are 13 altogether and they come in their own storage box (conveniently stamped with the pattern on it so you can work out how to fit them all in again). They were just less than 7 Euro, if I remember correctly. I liked that there are large and small cutters in, and that they are fairly deep too so you could use them for cutting cute sandwiches for the kids or even cutting out cake shapes. I thought the hearts will be used often as well as the abstract flower type shape.

I will post some pictures of anything I make with them. I'm looking forward to using them but time is proving short. Off to start today's lunch. We are having Yemista. I haven't made them for a while, preferring less time consuming dishes lately, but I just love the aroma they give off while baking.



  1. Ok, don't get it wrong but I have too many common things with FZ! Basically I love IKEA for the same reasons. (And for a couch or a desk from time to time...)

  2. We flew over to Athens in Nov. just to go to Ikea. How sad is that..(and expensive!) I'm so jealous of those cutters, they were not there when I went there!!